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            Free delivery on all
            NHS prescriptions

            Get your repeat prescriptions
            the easy way

            Easy online ordering, free flexible delivery and reminders to re-order


            You simply tell us what medication you need


            We order and receive the prescription from your GP*


            Our pharmacists check and dispense your prescription


            Your medication is delivered to you for free!

            Pharmacy2U is paid
            less by the NHS!**


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            ** Total NHS prescription fee difference since April 2014 based on average cost difference per item - click here for more details.

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            The team behind Pharmacy2U

            Pharmacy2U is a different kind of pharmacy. Launched online in 1999 to reinvent pharmacy care, we helped develop the Electronic Prescription Service with the NHS. Our constant focus on our patients has seen us grow to be the largest online pharmacy in the UK and we now support over 300,000 patients each year with their NHS repeat prescriptions.+

            We are a pharmacy where clinical excellence and unique technology help us deliver the effortless services our patients are used to in every aspect of their lives. Like all UK pharmacies we are regulated by the General Pharmaceutical Council and our Online Doctor service is regulated by the Care Quality Commission.

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            * NHS repeat prescription service only available to patients registered with a GP in England and if your surgery needs you to order directly, we'll tell you how to do this.

            + Information provided by the NHSBSA