• Satisfying Aggressive Timelines With A Simplified Supply Chain For Drug Delivery

    To meet an aggressive timeline with a lack of resources, Kaleido Biosciences had to consider an alternative yet efficient route.

  • Clinical Supply Optimization: Enhanced Service Model Saves Client Time On Supplies

    The Vice President of manufacturing for a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company faced an avalanche of work when a reorganization left him without a clinical supply manager. Planning to start 5 new clinical trials in 6 months while managing quality assurance, manufacturing, and supplies for new and ongoing studies, he turned to his Fisher Clinical Services account executive with a simple question: “How am I going to do all that?”

  • Managing Clinical Ancillary Supplies At Global Scale

    Clinical ancillary management expertise helps biopharma company oversee a large, global trial from start through finish.

  • Quality By Design Approach To Analytical Method Optimization

    Quality by Design (QbD) is well established in the pharmaceutical industry for manufacturing processes, including active pharmaceutical ingredients and drug products. The knowledge obtained during development can establish the design space and determine suitable process controls. The novelty of the multivariate approach over the traditional one-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) type of study is the ability to evaluate both the individual factor effects and the factor-factor interactions that can also be significant. In this case study, a QbD approach was used to solve a high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) analytical method problem where impurity peaks had shifting retention times making identification and quantitation problematic.

  • Zydis® Bio Technology, Grazax® & Grastek®: Revolutionizing Allergy Therapy

    ALK-Abelló is a global research-driven pharmaceutical company that focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of allergies. Before ALK-Abelló partnered with Catalent, all marketed allergen immunotherapies were delivered by injection, resulting in a limited patient population and reduced patient adherence. Catalent worked with the client to apply Zydis Fast Dissolve Technology to their therapy, bringing a vastly superior product to market.

  • Zydis® ODT Provides Better Treatments

    Discover how Catalent's oral drug delivery offerings can help get your molecule to market faster. In this case study, learn the many benefits of our product offerings.

  • The Commercial Manufacturing Journey: Strategies For A Successful Launch

    Four Catalent Biologics experts share how scale-up, regulatory expectations, demand forecasting and process validation play into the success of a biologic's commercial manufacturing journey.

  • Standardizing Process Characterization And Late Phase Development

    Process characterization is an important step in the overall journey of product development. This case study proposes an approach for process characterization for the production of a monoclonal antibody, specifically at the drug substance biomanufacturing step.

  • LV Scale-Up Workflow In Single-Use Bioreactors For GMP Compliance

    Cost-effective manufacturing of lentiviral vectors (LV) at commercial scales has proven difficult and remains a pressing issue for the marketing of therapies that depend on their application.

  • Flow Chemistry vs. Batch Processes

    Traditionally, new chemicals are developed using batch processing, which fully relies on versatile and qualified equipment to perform different unit operations. To address these challenges, continuous flow chemistry technology is emerging as an effective tool to conduct chemical synthesis.


The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is an innovative new flow cytometer with flexible configurations to meet a broad range of experimental complexities and throughput needs. Whether it’s a low-complexity, or a high-complexity experiment, the ZE5 Analyzer has up to 30 parameters and provides a truly expandable flow cytometer. This flexibility makes the ZE5 Analyzer accessible for novice flow cytometry users yet flexible enough for the most experienced flow cytometry professionals

This XDR single-use bioreactor is sized for the benchtop, yet allows smooth scale-up to full production.

Gibco BioProduction Services can support and partner with you no matter what your comfort level is with intellectual property.  Our team of professionals will work with you to provide the best customized solution for your particular situation.  You will receive exceptional customer service from start to finish.

For over 15 years, GVK BIO has been supporting the chemistry needs of clients in the Pharma, Agrochem and material science space. These services are either provided as “Fee for Service” or “FTE” model. We cater to requirement of clients by providing them Medchem support, Library generation or simple plain Syntheses. Apart from designing small molecules and libraries, highly challenging syntheses and isolation of natural products, steroids, carbohydrates, peptides, macro cycles and nucleosides, is accomplished on a routine basis. The prime objective of our team is to accelerate research and development of our clients by providing them valuable scientific solutions with speed and quality.

Minimize errors, increase productivity and keep your laboratory’s resources focused on what matters most—positive patient outcomes—with the Thermo Scientific™ Arcos™ Block Management System.

TheraTrac 2 links the VITEC automated microbiology instrument system with the pharmacy’s information system