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              1. Smartest Doc Quiz and Review

                Are You the Smartest Doc in America?

                The Smartest Doc Daily Quiz Challenge from MDLinx keeps you current with a competitive edge, pitting colleagues against one another for the title of The Smartest Doc in America. Sharpen your clinical knowledge and compete with other physicians.

                The Smartest Doc daily quizzes are fun, competitive, and educational. Every weekday we ask up to 5 clinical questions about a specific topic related to the specialty you choose, testing your knowledge and keeping you current on the literature and hot topics.

                • Physician Review Review 1000s of questions based on clinical literature and track your progress over time.
                • Board Exam Prep Prepare for board reviews with confidence with board exam style questions.
                Physician Review Board Exam Prep

                Market Research Panel

                Get Paid for Your Insights!

                Members can earn compensation for participating in market research studies. Physicians and HCPs from around the world can join the MDLinx Panel and receive invitations to online medical market research surveys. Market research surveys are sent to you by email with the topic, length, and amount of compensation for completion.

                Surveys are sent to you by email with the medical topic, length, and compensation for completion. Once the survey is complete you tell us where to send the payment. Payments are typically sent by check 2 to 4 weeks after the survey is completed.

                • Opportunities to answer online surveys in your spare time
                • Payment via check in 4 weeks
                • Secure and Private. We never sell or share your personal information
                My Research Profile My Dashboard

                Physician Career Center

                Physician and Healthcare Career Center

                Find Your Dream Job.

                Search thousands of healthcare and physician jobs in over 35 different specialties- permanent and locum tenens, physician jobs, nursing jobs, hospital jobs. Busy healthcare professionals looking for new employment opportunities-the MDLinx Career Center was designed with you in mind.

                Built for busy healthcare professionals looking for new employment opportunities.

                About MDLinx

                Medical News Articles, Journals, Newsletters, and Clinical Research

                Find Your Dream Job.

                MDLinx is an award-winning, practical medical information tool that busy physicians and healthcare professionals use to stay current with the latest clinical research and healthcare news in the field of medicine. MDLinx aggregates daily medical articles, medical journals, medical newsletters and clinical research from more than 2,000 peer-reviewed journals and leading news media daily. MDLinx also provides coverage of healthcare jobs, conferences, clinical trials, mobile apps, public health concerns, medical resource information, and more!